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Selling a home is a process and you need a home inspection before many buyers will consider the property.

When it comes to the fireplace in your home, it may be necessary to consider chimney safety before you finalize a sale. Depending on your situation, you may need an inspection to ensure proper fire prevention and safety.


The Condition of Your Fireplace

The first consideration when evaluating your needs for a home inspection is the current condition of your fireplace. In some cases, chimney safety does not require an inspection due to the decorative nature of your fireplace or the risks to the property.

When selling a home, start with evaluating the risk factors. A bricked up fireplace may not have the same level of risk as a fireplace you use on a regular basis; however, it may still present some risks in specific conditions. Always evaluate the condition of your fireplace before you decide on a course of action.


Your Previous Usage

Previous usage refers to the way you used the fireplace before making changes to your habits. If you previously used the fireplace, then consider an inspection for fire prevention. While it may not have been used recently, you may have complications from the last time you used the fireplace. You should also consider possible complications from a previous owner.

If you have never used the fireplace, then consider the inspection for your peace of mind and the peace of mind of the buyer. You do not know the usage of the fireplace from a previous owner, particularly in an older home. It is better to consider an inspection and discover that you do not need any work than to take an unnecessary risk.


Preventing Fires and Improving Safety

As a general rule, you want an inspection for your fireplace. The inspection gives you peace of mind and ensures that you meet any safety standards in your local area. It also prevents complications with new buyers and ensures that they feel confident with the property.

You may not use the fireplace at the present time, but a buyer may consider using the fireplace after moving into the space. By getting an inspection and ensuring that you have a safe chimney and fireplace, you have the opportunity to make your buyers feel confident in the property. Even when you have a gas fireplace rather than a traditional wood burning fireplace, certain risks may occur and an inspection prevents complications or concerns.

Always consider an inspection for an active or working fireplace. You also want to check the chimney to ensure proper ventilation and keep up with any complications that may occur. A fireplace does present specific risks to your home and may complicate the process of selling the property when you decide to move.


A home inspection is a key part of selling a home. It gives the buyer confidence in the property and ensures that the structure is safe. Even a fireplace you do not personally used should have an inspection to prevent potential risks to the buyer and ensure that it remains safe for the new homeowner.


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