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Of all the home improvement projects you can invest in, a kitchen renovation is certainly one of the most satisfying.

After all, this is one of the rooms you spend the most time in each day, and improving the looks and function of your kitchen will definitely pump up your home’s resale value in the future.

If you’re looking for ways to lower the costs of your kitchen upgrade, you can tackle easy projects on your own to save some money. One of the best bets for a beginner is to add the cabinet accessories yourself. New knobs and handles are a great way to modernize older kitchen cabinets without spending a lot of money, and they’re pretty easy to install.


discount kitchen remodelGetting Handy With Your Drill

If you’ve never used a drill before, take a deep breath. Your first job is to read the instruction manual and practice using your drill on some scrap wood. This will give you confidence before you start making holes in your nice new cabinet doors and drawer fronts. 

Once you feel confident that you can drill straight holes and that you know how much pressure to apply with your drill, it’s time to select the right drill bit for your cabinets. To do this, hold the screw that came with your cabinet handles just behind the drill bit. Your drill bit should be slightly smaller than the screw — just enough that you can see a bit of the threads peeking out from each side of your bit. 


discount kitchen cabinet drawer pullsPlacing the Pulls

To get your knobs and handles in exactly the right spot on every kitchen cabinet, spend the 10 bucks for a cabinet hardware template. This piece of plastic has the most common distances for two-screw handles already marked, so all you need to do is line it up to your cabinet where you want your handle to be and mark the holes with a pencil. This handy piece of plastic will ensure that each handle is straight and set at the exact same distance from the edge of your drawer front. 

If you’re finding it hard to tell what the end result will look like just by using the template, try temporarily placing your handle or knob onto your cabinet door with a bit of putty. This will allow you to stand back and see which placement you like best. Once you’ve decided, mark the spot lightly with a pencil, and use the template to find the holes that are the best match. This will allow you to get the consistent results on every cabinet.


installing kitchen cabinet drawer pullsAttaching the Knobs

Once you’ve marked the spots where the knobs should be, use your drill to make straight holes. Don’t press too hard, and be sure to clean the hole of sawdust before using a screwdriver to place the set screw from the inside. Once it’s in place, twist your knob into position from the front, and continue this way until your project’s finished.

Go slowly at first, and check your work as you go before you drill the holes. In just an afternoon, you can give your kitchen the finishing touch it’s been waiting for, and you’re sure to love your new look.


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