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Advancement in technology has expanded the outreach for the small job contractor. 

Websites to help contractors find more job opportunities have become an important tool in the trade. Where to bid on jobs online may be the biggest challenge for helping local tradesman find the best projects in their own backyard.

Construction has recovered bringing new designs and improved materials with it. Recent building trends have driven up-to-date developments and renovations of residential and commercial properties. This industry has undergone changes for locating a small job contractor to upgrade existing homes and buildings in need of more practical modern spaces.

Homeowners, developers and construction companies have been listening and now post bid information online. Larger construction companies have built websites to help contractors looking for more work find it. Contractors can now find local project bids along with their build team members.

We put together a list of sites of where to bid on jobs online. These websites list bidding opportunities organized by state, county, project types, size and budget along with project schedules.

  1. Bid Clerk 
  2. Construction Wire 
  3. Bid A Builder 
  4. Construction Bid Source 
  5. McGraw-Hill Construction 
  6. Dodge Projects 
  7. Construction Market Data 
  8. The Blue Book 
  9. ePlan Bidding 
  10. Construction Data   

Websites to help contractors find work need you to register by setting up an account. You need an email, telephone or cell number, license or registration to operate independently as a small job contractor, and information of your experience and skill. Most websites offer free access to the information and some require paid memberships. Depending on your choice or preference of construction projects and the website services, paid membership could be a good business investment.


Preparing to Doing Business Online

Choosing where to bid on jobs online is important. Review the sites and select ones that fit your choice of location, project types and trade specialty. The websites update the information daily and send notices to members. So, make it a habit to check and review the notices, it could be your next winning bid. These leads are just the first step to growing your business and establishing your company's reputation.

If there are queries about the project details in the bid, stop and ask questions. You make better decisions with more information about the bid. Your chances of winning increase as your bid responds to the client's request. Price wise, bidding too low could cost you more than you realize. The bottom line is about making a profit and building with quality on every job. 

Online communications have limits. You still need to walk the site to understand the customer's expectations. More important, you need to see the conditions you will deal with once the project starts. Use the website services to your advantage, create a list of potential leads and future clients, review the membership registers of qualified subcontractors for future planning and take advantage of the industry discounts for building materials.



Private residents are looking for their own style, while larger companies get involved in local communities investing in residential and industrial development. One of these websites has the opportunity to connect with the industry and grow your business.


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